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Lists documents



Lists all documents the user has access to via OData


Path Parameters

    collectionIdOrPersonalIdentityName stringrequired

Query Parameters

    statusFilter string
    trainingStatusFilter string
    orderByField string

    Default value: title

    orderByDirection string

    Default value: asc

    contentTypeFilter string
    tagsFilter string[]
    $select string

    Returns only the selected properties. (ex. FirstName, LastName, City)

    $expand string

    Include only the selected objects. (ex. Childrens, Locations)

    $filter string

    Filter the response with OData filter queries.

    $top string

    Number of objects to return. (ex. 25)

    $skip string

    Number of objects to skip in the current order (ex. 50)

    $orderby string

    Define the order by one or more fields (ex. LastModified)



    count int64

    Total items in server

    items object[]nullable

    Items retrieved

  • Array [
  • id uuid
    collectionId uuid
    collectionTitle stringnullable
    title stringnullable
    description stringnullable
    jobReference stringnullable
    status DocumentStatus

    Possible values: [Draft, Published, Retired]

    trainingStatus DocumentTrainingStatus

    Possible values: [Pending, Training, Trained, Error]

    currentSnapshotDateTime date-timenullable
    tags object[]nullable
  • Array [
  • key stringnullable
    value nullable
  • ]
  • properties objectnullable
    contentType stringnullable
    language stringnullable
    fileName stringnullable
    modifiedOn date-time
    reference stringnullable
  • ]
  • continuationToken stringnullable

    A continuation token