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Step 1: Quick config

The first thing we will do in Ainhoa is to make some general adjustments that will allow us to configure it according to our preferences and specific needs. This first step will help us to ensure optimal performance and an experience adapted to the specific demands we need.

To do this, we will go to the Settings section that is located in the sidebar.


In this section, we will find a series of tabs with which we can perform all the necessary configuration on Ainhoa at the global level.


This section is only accessible to 🔒administrator users.

Let's briefly describe each tab in the settings section to better understand what settings and customizations we can make in Ainhoa.

Global SettingsWe have a range of global settings for the application, such as the app's name, color palette, permitted languages, or allowing personal collections.
IdentitiesAll user, group, and role management for the application will be done in this section.
EntitiesManagement of global entities and synonyms that can later be used in other sections of the application, such as skills.
JobsInformation about background jobs in Ainhoa, such as training processes.
Service connectionsExternal services needed in Ainhoa are defined in this section. For instance, search providers, telemetry sending, or LLM services like GPT.
External profileWe can configure an external service to provide user profile information.
MetricsData about our use and consumption of resources in Ainhoa.

For our example, we'll only review the sections on global settings and external profile. We can leave the rest of the sections as they are by default.

Global settings

In this section, you can customize your experience on Ainhoa.

Global optionsGlobal options

Let's now see all the options available to us and set values for our example.

Brand nameName your application will have.Ainhoa Assistant
Theme colorColor schemes you can use in Ainhoa.default
Allow personal collectionAllows users to have a personal collection where they can save documents and conversations.Enable
Enable user automatic enrollmentAllows users to be automatically added to the application's user list once identified.Disabled
Allowed languaguesList of languages that will be allowed in your application.English and Spanish
Authorized IP rangesIf you want to filter access to your application by IP, specify the allowed IP ranges here.None

Remember that to edit the values you must click the button:

External profile

In this section, we can configure an external HTTP service to obtain information about user profiles using Ainhoa.

In our example, we won't need any external service to work with user profiles, but we will set the default audience we want to use in our application to global.

We can also decide whether to include user groups in the audience. This will allow us to better organize our users into groups and establish access audiences to different sections more easily and intuitively.

We can also establish if we want to include the user groups in the audience. This will allow us to better organize our users into groups and thus establish access audiences to the different sections in a simpler and more intuitive way.

Default audienceDefault audience

👏 All set! We have configured our application according to our preferences. Let's move on to the next step.