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What is Ainhoa

Ainhoa is an AI-driven knowledge management platform that will allow you, through conversational virtual assistants, to improve the productivity of your company by optimizing the exploration and search of documentation and the automation of processes.


What can you do

  1. Document Management and Accessibility:
    • Search and discover relevant documents, data, and insights using natural language and semantics.
    • Summarize and present information concisely and attractively for easier understanding and analysis.
    • Upload various types of office documents (PDF, Word, Presentation, Sheet) and support for scanned PDFs with automatic OCR.
    • View highlighted citations and the exact location of passages in the integrated document viewer for most answers provided.
  1. Data Privacy and Security:
    • Protect data privacy by not collecting or storing it.
    • Create document collections and restrict access to your team only.
  1. Functional Customization:
    • Add custom functionality using Dialog skills (e.g., obtaining weather from an external API or integrating with ServiceNow for open ticket listings).
    • Create a search skill to explore your document collection or the internet for comprehensive search results.
    • Create a multi-skill assistant (Chatbot) with potential human-level language understanding via a Large Language Model (LLM).
  1. Interactivity and Integration:
    • Interact with a chatbot that provides personalized suggestions and recommendations based on preferences and needs.
    • Ask natural language questions and let the assistant reason (LLM-backed) to provide answers.
    • Connect the bot to various channels like Microsoft Teams, Alexa, Telegram, Slack, etc., using the Microsoft Bot Framework.

Advantages over other search engines

  • Offers a more conversational and personalized search experience, adapting to users' preferences and needs.
  • Allows access to vast volumes of data quickly and easily, without the need for specific keywords or advanced filters.
  • Generates concise and engaging search results, facilitating comprehension and information analysis.
  • Respects users' privacy by not collecting or storing their personal data or search history.