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Design skills

In Ainhoa, the way to enhance our bots so they can perform different tasks is through skills. Skills are like the various abilities we give to our assistant so it can perform a variety of tasks. This includes responding to specific questions about the documents we have uploaded, searching for information on the Internet, or even interacting with users through guided processes or integrations with other systems, all through natural conversations.

We can also create skills so that our bot can have a catalog of available functions to help the user, for example, to report the weather in a city, open a technical support ticket, or create an event in our calendar.

With these skills, our assistant becomes a versatile and powerful tool, capable of adapting to a wide range of needs and providing a more complete and useful experience to users.

Ainhoa has two types of skills, search and dialog.

Dialog skills

Dialogue skills will serve us to provide guided interaction flows to perform specific tasks, such as helping a user to reset their password in a given system or creating functions to expand the capabilities of our bots, such as viewing and creating events in our calendar.

Dialog skillDialog skill

Search skills

Search skills will allow our bots to answer questions and provide information about one or multiple collections of documents or about searches on the Internet.

Search skillSearch skill